The Easiest Way to Take Protein Powder

Scoop of Protein Powder

A common question regarding protein powders, is how do I use it? do I take it?…or isn’t it complicated? ┬áThe short answer is that its really quick & easy – read on to find out more.

Depending on your reason for wanting or needing to take extra protein, you may wish to consume it in different ways:

Those looking to simply increase their protein intake in their regular diet can simply add as much protein powder as you want to regular recipes such as stews, casseroles, pies, chilli con carne, porridge etc An unflavored powder used in this way will go unnoticed (it acts much like a thickener) and is an incredibly easy way to use it.

If you’re looking to take a more focused package of protein, you can make your own protein bars – other usual ingredients include oats and peanut butter. This method takes a little more effort, but with a little planning you will have protein bars that are much cheaper than those you can buy whilst having complete control over the amount of protein & calories they contain.

By far the easiest (and possibly cheapest) method of taking vegan protein powders, especially immediately after exercise, is to make a protein shake. All you need is:

To make a shake, put the wire blender ball in the blender bottle then add 1x 30g scoop of your protein powder. Now pour in 300-400ml of water to get the thickness that you like, add some flavdrops of your choice – screw on the lid & give a quick shake for about 10 seconds, pour & enjoy your great tasting vegan protein shake!

Flavours – we have tried many of the available flavors. Our favorite is raspberry (use about 15 drops), but we’re also very fond of mixing 7 drops of banana with 12-15 drops of toffee to create a tasty banoffee shake. You can also use milkshake or hot chocolate powders as well – these will increase the calorific content & will often contain milk products.

You can get these vegan protein powders in flavored versions as well, but we prefer to add the flavor ourselves. This means we can have different flavors day to day and can also use it in other ways other than just a shake.

A protein shake takes seconds to make, creates no mess and can be consumed very quickly after exercise. It is without doubt, the easiest & possibly tastiest way to take your vegan protein powder.

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