Fat Loss Made Simple – Simple Diet Changes Reap Rewards

Hidden calories in sandwiches

When it comes to losing body fat, making changes to your lifestyle is a much more effective than following the latest fad diet. By making small, simple changes to your regular diet you can lose fat & keep it off long term.

While the latest trendy fad diet may help you to lose weight in the short term – it has been scientifically proven that people that follow short term diets are far more likely to put the fat back on afterwards. Studies also show that people that make changes to their lifestyle long term are much more likely to keep the weight off.

Before you can start to look at your diet and exercise regime, you need to know how many calories your body needs on a daily basis to maintain its current weight. To find your Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR), use our calorie calculator. This will give you a clear idea of how many calories your body needs. I would then suggest entering your typical daily diet into a diet/calorie tracker such as My Fitness Pal Рits free & you they also provide smartphone apps to log your food intake as well (including a nifty barcode scanner).

Once you have looked at your diet in terms of calories – then you can start to decide where you can make easy changes.

When I did this, I quickly realized that my lunch was a problem area that could be improved. I work behind a desk & nip out to one of many cafes in the area to grab a sandwich (~500Kcal+), pack of crisps (~240Kcal) and a drink (140Kcal+) like most working people do. This packs a large calorie count & can easily be reduced. Using the lower values here we get a whopping lunch total of 880Kcal.

As an example, I now opt for a Boots Shapers meal deal – this also happens to be a lot cheaper as well. A typical shapers sandwich (315Kcal), drink (ginger beer @ 3Kcal) & crisps (Walkers sunbites @ 134Kcal) gives us a revised lunch total of just 452Kcal…that’s a reduction of 428Kcal just on lunch alone!…do that 5 days a week & that comes to a 2140Kcal reduction – or ~2/3lb (0.28kg) ¬†body fat.

Now if you introduce other small changes to your breakfast & evening meals as well you can start to reap big rewards with out much effort. Other easy changes include: breakfast toast – use low fat spread & a low sugar jam instead of your current full fat & full sugar options, evening meals be wary of portion size with things like pasta – weigh the portion as stated on the packet…pad meals out by including larger portions of healthy veg like broccoli which has a low calorie count.

I also suggest coupling this approach with using protein shakes to boost fat loss as well – this really will help you increase fat loss and shed the pounds easily.

Once you have made yourself more aware of the calories in your normal diet – you can easily revise your meals to contain far less calories. This will help you lose fat at a controlled rate & then keep it off long term.

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