Using Protein to Boost Fat Loss

Boost Fat Loss with Protein Shakes

Controlling calories and losing fat can be a tricky business. Including protein shakes in your normal everyday diet can help you increase your calorie deficit.

When it comes to keeping your calorie intake under control, simple changes to your regular diet can reap big rewards in terms of fat loss. One of the biggest challenges people often face (myself included) is preventing yourself from feeling hungry between meals. These hunger spikes can cause moments of extreme weakness and can easily see you nipping to the corner shop & eating a few hundred calories of junk.

When you have made changes to you diet to reduce calories in your breakfast and lunch, late morning & late afternoon can be full of temptation. For me, late morning was my weak point. I have found that having a protein shake as part of my regular calorie controlled breakfast keeps me feeling full and hunger free all morning. This often has the knock on effect of me not feeling particularly hungry at lunchtime. As I work behind a desk in an office – I always pop out to buy lunch, a lack of extreme hunger again really helps you stick to a controlled meal…shopping for food when hungry makes it much harder to be controlled in your choices.

If you find that your weak point is late afternoon – try having a protein shake to finish your lunch instead. Protein shakes are very filling & in the case of most vegan protein shakes, only contain about 110Kcal…about the same as a tiny ‘diet’ snack bar which is far less filling. Your body also takes a lot longer to digest and process protein, so you also feel fuller for longer.

One final trick that can help you last between meals without snacking is to drink cold water – this will help feel that your stomach is full whilst slowing your metabolism down a little.

We’ll go into other simple diet changes in other posts, but it is important to remember that it is much easier to lose and keep off body fat long term by making small changes to your lifestyle. By doing this you can take control of your body & the way you look.

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