Innovative Home Fitness Wishlist

Home Fitness Equipment Wishlist

With the festive season approaching, check out our tried & tested home fitness workouts, gadgets & equipment to help you lose fat, get fit & change the way you look.

The festive period is always a tricky time when it comes to looking after your health and fitness. Whether for you, or a present for a loved one these great pieces of home fitness equipment will help kick start a new fitness regime & burn fat in the New Year.

Home fitness motivation can be tricky, these innovative home fitness products will boost your motivation and really help you make big changes in your life. Have a look through our tried and tested selection – in no particular order…

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Fitbug Orb Fitness Tracker

1 – Fitbug Fitness and Sleep Tracker

The Fitbug Orb is a small, great looking gizmo that tracks your movements all day & night. In a nutshell, it’ll keep track of how active you’ve been, how many calories you’ve burned & how much sleep you had.

The device itself can be attached, worn or concealed in many ways making it easy to keep it on you at all times. The Fitbug Orb works with most Apple devices (eg, iPhone, iPad, Ipod Touch) Samsung S4 & most Mac or PC computers with a Bluetooth connection. The KiK app or online account helps to keep you motivated, track your progress and set goals to help you get fitter, control your diet and lose fat.

We think the Fitbug Orb is a great little device that can compliment many a modern lifestyle.

Rip:60 Suspension Trainer

2 – Rip:60 Suspension Trainer & Workout DVD’s

Suspension trainers have become more popular over the last few years. Known for being portable & highly flexible they are a great piece of kit to have in your home fitness arsenal. Rip:60 is significantly cheaper than the better known TRX system but many class the Rip:60 as being higher quality, better built & more versatile.

Rip:60 comes with an integrated door mount and can be suspended from solid objects like a rafter or tree which means you can literally workout anywhere. As if that wasn’t enough, there are also 12 workout DVD’s in the box as well. The first 8 DVD’s are the main workout plan while the remaining 4 are bonus workouts to keep you going once you’ve completed the main plan.

Rip:60 is great for burning fat and creating a lean body with more defined muscles. You won’t build lots of muscle with this as it focuses mainly on lighter loads with high reps combined with some cardio & a bit of yoga. Rip:60 can & will do amazing things to your abs…the results are phenominal.

Additional Equipment: Roughly half way through the workout program, you will need a set of kettlebells. A cheap set that includes a 4kg, 6kg & 8kg will work for most people – you don’t need the expensive quick change kettlebells that they use on the DVD’s. You could use a set of dumbbells if you already have them, although using kettlebells will be easier for some of the exercises. I would also recommend using a yoga mat to give your hands & body some padding for the floor based exercises.

Rushfit Contents

3 – Rushfit With GSP

Rushfit is a DVD workout plan that focuses on a round based mixed martial arts (MMA) style approach. While ultimate fighter Georges St Pierre (GSP) is being pushed as the host, it is actually his trainer that presents and guides you through the exercises. The guidance is very good with plenty of focus on form and alternate exercise variations so that anyone really can do these workouts. The majority of the workouts are full body, coupled with one  challenging abs and core DVD.

While you will burn fat with Rushfit, you will also gain strength and lean muscle – much more so than with Rip:60. As the focus of Rushfit is MMA, it focuses on full body strength – a lot of it coming from your core. With Rushfit you will feel muscles developing in places that you really didn’t know that they existed, the results are really, very good indeed . If you are going to do the Rushfit program, I would really suggest that you take protein shakes post workout as the workouts can be very punishing!

Additional Equipment: You need a set of dumbbells for Rushfit – you can’t do it without them. A set of fixed dumbbells or adjustable ones will be fine – although if you have long handled adjustable dumbbells, some of the swing exercises can be tricky (I use kettlebells for some of these instead). You will also want a yoga mat as you will be spending a lot of the time on the floor – your hands, wrists & back will thank you for it!

You Are Your Own Gym

4 – You Are Your Own Gym

This is the bible of bodyweight exercises – if you want to want to work out at home with no equipment, then you should look no further. Exercises are grouped together by body part and come with plenty of written instructions to make sure you keep to proper form. Each exercise also comes with variations to make it easier or harder depending on your fitness level & strength. In addition to the detailed exercises, there is also a wealth of information on general health, well being, exercise in general , diet and nutrition – if you only ever buy one fitness book, it should be this one.

At the back of the You Are Your Own Gym (YAYOG) is an in depth section containing several workout plans that can be applied to all levels of fitness. Don’t be fooled by the apparent simplicity – these workouts are tough and will make you work hard…results are pretty much guaranteed.

Additional Equipment: While for the most part you either need no equipment, or just normal household objects like chairs, door or a table you may find that a pull up bar could make things easier. Again, because of the floor based nature of many of the exercises, you will benefit from using a yoga mat.

Vegan Protein Shake Starter Kit

5 – Vegan Protein Shake Starter Kit

If you’re looking to take control of your body, lose fat & get fit – protein shakes will make a big difference to your progress. Your body needs protein to help build and repair muscles after exercise, drinking a tasty shake after a workout is the best way to help your body recover fast. As we mentioned previously (Using protein shakes to boost fat loss), protein shakes can also be used as part of a calorie controlled diet to help prevent hunger cravings.

While this isn’t a kit as such, it is all that is needed to start making great tasting dairy free protein shakes:

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