Vegan Protein For Your Health & Wellbeing

Protein for health & wellbeing

If you choose to follow a vegan or vegetarian diet, it can be hard to provide your body with all the protein that it needs on a daily basis. Vegan protein powders are an excellent way to compliment your existing healthy diet and boost your protein intake.

Your body needs protein to build and repair muscles on a regular daily basis. Whenever your muscles ache after exercise or other strenuous activity, that is your muscles telling you that they have been damaged. These aches,  otherwise known as delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS), can be prevented or greatly reduced by taking protein directly after exercise. Taking protein in this way should be thought of as helping your body to recover after the stress that you have put it through.

Protein Sources

Protein normally comes from sources such as red meat, poultry, nuts, pulses and dairy products. If you choose to have a meat free diet, a dairy free diet, a combination of both (vegan) Рor just prefer to consume less  meat or dairy, then vegan protein powders are an excellent way of significantly increasing your protein intake.

Protein Source Comparison

One 30g scoop of vegan protein powder can provide you with up to 27g of protein – this same as about 150g of beef. 110g cheddar cheese, 110g lentils or 100g peanuts…but contains virtually no fat and significantly less calories – look at the table below for a nutritional comparison.

Protein Source Weight Calories Fat Protein
Peanuts 104g 588Kcal 51g 27g
Chickpeas 142g 517Kcal 8g 27g
Cheddar Cheese 108g 434Kcal 35g 27g
Beef (Brisket) 150g 415Kcal 33g 27g
Red Lentils 108g 373Kcal 2g 27g
Chicken Breast 128g 220Kcal 12g 27g
Greek Yoghurt (non-fat) 270g 159Kcal 1g 27g
Soy Protein Isolate 30g 114Kcal 0.9g 27g

As you can see from the data above, soy protein isolate contains far less calories and fat than all the other protein sources listed. Non fat greek yoghurt does come a close second, but you wouldn’t want to consume that quantity of yoghurt immediately after exercise on a regular basis.

We’ll cover more of these benefits in upcoming posts – protein powders aren’t just for body builders, and vegan products aren’t necessarily just for vegans. Taking vegan protein powder as regular lifestyle or fitness dietary supplement provides more diet and health benefits than you may expect.

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